We exist to be an authentic, casual, relevant community church creatively sharing the message and love of Christ to Northwest Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.



Leading individuals into authentic community with Jesus Christ and each other.



1. Prayer: Prayer is central to our relationship with God.

2. Transformational Teaching: Transformational teaching of God’s word is the catalyst for change in our lives.

3. Cultural Relevance: We believe our task is to present the Gospel in a way that is relevant and meaningful to people’s lives today without compromising Biblical truth.

4. Authentic Contemporary Worship: We value corporate worship in our services as an avenue for both the seeker and the believer to discover and experience the presence of God.

5. Evangelism: We will teach and model relational evangelism. We will pray for, build relationships with, and celebrate people who were once far from God crossing the bridge of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

6. Spiritual Gifts: We will facilitate and encourage believers to discover their spiritual gifts and provide ministry opportunities for believers by developing ministries that are relevant, flexible and open to change based on scripture and purpose, not tradition.

7. Excellence: Excellence in all we do honors God and inspires people.

8. Creativity and Innovation: We will reflect the passion, beauty, and excellence of Creation with innovative ministry and worship.

9. Small Groups: Life change happens best in small groups. God created us to be in relationship with each other. So whether we’re enjoying each other at a Bible study, backyard BBQ, or consoling each other by the hospital bed, we’re going to do it together.

10. Servant Evangelism: Small things done with great love will change the world. Whether we are wrapping presents at the mall during Christmas, or passing out cold bottled water at a summer ballgame, we will model Christ to our world by becoming His hands and feet.